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Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic with Architectural Fittings

Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic with Architectural Fittings

Adding architectural fittings to your home, not only improves its functionality as a space in which to live, but can also create interest and detail to an otherwise bland room. Architectural fixtures and fittings have become hugely popular in recent years with many Instagram and Tiktok home renovating accounts featuring before and after reels. Consequently, there has been an increase in the choice available, with a style to suit every interior design, gone are the days of shiny chrome bathroom fittings being the single choice available. And whilst antique original fittings such as cast coat hooks and antique shelf brackets are a wondrous thing to find, sometimes the antique replica can be purchased in the desired size and quantity to complete a design feature without an exhaustive search on Ebay. I concur as the proud owner of three original French antique wall lights; needless to say I'm still looking for the fourth!

In this week's blog post, I take you room by room looking at the many ways in which you can incorporate architectural fittings to create eye catching interior design.



Bathroom fixtures & fittings are a good place to start, it being a room that has moved on in leaps and bounds in terms of design and choice. No more plastic bathroom suites with shiny towel rail and matching toilet roll holder! Thankfully things have moved forward and the bathroom is a room that deservedly receives its fair share of attention. Architectural fittings in terms of the bathroom are primarily robe hooks, toilet roll holders, towel rails and shelving. First and foremost bathroom fittings should offer hanging space and storage options to the room,  creating a sense of orderliness and tranquility to the room. Correctly placed fittings ensure that there is somewhere to hang your dressing gown and the hand towel is close to the basin etc. 

Bathroom Hooks

alt="antique replica Victorian coat hook"

A bathroom hook or robe hook is essential for hanging a dressing gown, or a maybe a towel whilst in the bath. Our range of vintage style hooks offers lots of hooks that are the ideal size for the back of the bathroom door. A door hook  further enhances the the look of the door, adding another layer of detail. Selecting the design of the hook, for example a Victorian design such as our Vintage Cast Metal Hook and matching to the period style of the door will further accentuate the look. 

Toilet Roll Holders

alt="Victorian antique replica wall mounted toilet roll holder"

A wall mounted toilet roll holder is a great way to elevate the overall look of the bathroom, particularly in a small or otherwise featureless space. A cast iron antique replica loo roll holder, be it a simple design or something more elaborate will create a focal point on the wall. Again, consider the age of the house, such as the simple toilet roll holder will work with 20th century design or the naive style folk toilet roll holder will compliment a modern bathroom. 

Towel Holders

A towel holder, be it a towel ring or towel rail is vital to the functionality to a bathroom. although you may beg to differ if you have teenagers in the house! A towel hanging next to a wash basin not only places the towel close to hand but also adds to the overall picture. Our cast iron Victorian style towel ring offers an eye catching decorative effect without being over fussy. A towel rail is preferential for bath towels, particularly when placed close to a radiator, heated towel rails have become the norm for new builds and where once these were only available in a chrome finish, there are now more aesthetically pleasing choices available.

Boot room 

The boot room, once the preserve of grand country residences is on the most wanted list of many a house hunter. And to be fair, this is a very practical room to have, especially if you have dogs, children and other livestock! Shelving and hooks are the main feature here and offer practical storage and the potential to create design that is both functional and inspirational.

Boot Room Shelving

The classic cladded wall with shelving is inspired by the original country house boot room.Adding a shelf at the top the room offers storage for hats, boots and bags and also becomes the design feature itself, the shelving can be painted the same colour as the cladding to create a seamless design, or using an old piece of timber such as reclaimed floor board will add a  vintage look to the room. The choice of shelf bracket will have a bearing on the overall look of the project, a wooden bracket can be painted the same colour as the wall to make it disappear . Or add an antique style cast bracket for a period property, our Stocksbridge bracket is simple in design and offers the elegant functionality, perfect for an entrance hall or boot room.

Boot Room Coat Hooks


Primarily the coat hook needs to be strong enough to withstand coats, I think a double hook is a sensible option, certainly in a family home where persuading children to hang up their coats is an achievement in itself. A row of traditional cast hooks positioned underneath a shelf creates a neat ordered look.

The front door

alt="cast iron bumble bee front door knocker"

The front door means doorstep appeal and this can be greatly enhanced using door furniture such as door bells and door knockers, outdoor lights and letter boxes. There are many antique style door knockers available, made from cast iron to create a good knock. Our bee door knocker is available in both brass and cast iron and has been an enduring favourite for some time, fitted centrally against a smartly glossed front door it immediately creates an impact. Likewise antique replica door bells of Victorian originals are available from specialist suppliers fitted with the modern mechanism, no excuse for ignoring the door bell!

alt="Outdoor fisherman's wall light at dusk"

And finally on the subject of the front door, is the outside light, both to create a welcoming entrance but also necessary when trying to find the door key in the pitch dark. From a traditional fisherman's light to a Victorian style lantern, choose the style to benefit the house.

kitchen Architectural Fittings

alt="open kitchen shelving filled with mixing bowls"

Architectural fittings are an important feature in the kitchen, from hanging hooks for utensils and pans to shelf brackets. There are many uses for hooks in the kitchen from a single wall hook on which to hang a tea towel, to a hanging rail with sliding meat hooks-a great way to store utensils and pans and keep them close at hand. Consider also, adding such as under shelf hooks, this idea is found in many original kitchens and creates handy storage for such as cups whilst saving on space. Open kitchen shelving has in some part replaced top kitchen cupboards and has become a design feature in itself. Using architectural style shelf brackets will both add to the retro vintage style look but also ensure the shelving is structurally weight bearing.

alt="linen tea towel hanging on a brass wall hook"

And on a final note, our cast metal plaques offer the finishing touch, the most popular being the pantry plaque. Pantries are fashionable once more and so is our small pantry plaque together with Larder, Cellar, Bathroom, Laundry & WC...

Alex x