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How to measure your table for table cloth and other FAQ's

How to measure your table for table cloth and other FAQ's

Adding a tablecloth to a table, be it the kitchen table that is eaten at daily or a formal dining room table, our linen oilcloth will instantly elevate its appearance. This isn't just my view (a little biased you might argue!), The Times newspaper recently reported the findings of an academic research paper on tablecloth of all topics, the research had found that dinner actually tasted better when eaten at a table covered with a cloth. 

Blue striped oilcloth covering a kitchen table

That said, the tablecloth needs to be of the correct size, too short and the cloth won't drape elegantly over the edges, which is one of the qualities of our linen oilcloth tablecloth. Too long and the table will be swamped and the overhanging excess will be an annoyance to your fellow diners. 

So here is our guide to all you need to know and consider when measuring and ordering oilcloth.

Napkin in napkin ring against green striped oilcloth

How to measure your table for oilcloth

Our step by step guide to measuring your table for oilcloth, ordering the correct size and how your order is dispatched.

  1. Clear the table of any detritus! It's so much easier to measure a clear flat surface, void of homework, stray toys and newspapers.
  2. If your table is extendable, consider which version of your table you are purchasing the oilcloth for. If you are measuring tor the extended table add in the extra leaves/fix the gate leg, to enable accurate measurements to be taken.
  3. Measure the width. I use an extendable tape measure, I find it easier to hook the end on the table to get an exact measurement. Measure across the table, hooking the end on the far side of the table and taking note of the measurement on the nearest side.
  4. Measure the length. Again start at the furthest end, hooking the tape on the edge of the table and then taking note of the measurement at the closest end.
  5. Decide on how much overhang (also referred to as drop length) you wish to have at either end, we generally recommend between 20cm - 30 cm, any less and the cloth will look mean, any more and the excess will be an inconvenience.
  6. Calculate the size of table and the amount of oilcloth required:
         For example, our table measures 160 cm long x 90 cm wide.
         I would like an overhang of 20 cm to each end. Here is my calculation:
         20 cm x 2 =40 cm (My additional overhang)
         160 cm + 40 cm = 200 cm
         90 cm + 40 cm = 140 cm
         The tablecloth will need to measure 140 cm wide x 200 cm
Bee oilcloth on a kitchen table

How to measure an oval table for oilcloth

  1. Measuring an oval table follows the same instructions as before, follow the same steps as above, deciding on your desired overhang and measure the width of the table.
  2. Measure the length at the longest point of the oval table.
A large cream mixing bowl on red gingham oilcloth

    How to order the desired size on our website

    So, now you have calculated the size of table cloth you would like to order, here's how to order.
    1. Click onto the oilcloth category and select the design you would like to order. 
    2. To the right of the product image there is a drop down box, there is an option to select a sample size or a 1/2 metre size. 
    3. Select the 1/2 metre option and below there is a quantity box. To order the 2 metre length we have calculated for our table, would equate to 4 x 1/2 metre units.
    4. Enter 4 in the quantity box. Our oilcloth fabric is 140 cm, so the piece you will receive will measure 2 metres long x 140 cm wide 
    Oilcloth page with ordering details
    If the required length was 2.5 metres for example, you would enter 5 in the quantity box. 
    We always send a continuous length unless otherwise instructed.
    Our oilcloth is very easy to trim and requires no hemming after cutting.
    Alex in the Bowley and Jackson store

    Folded or Rolled?

    For orders of oilcloth up to 4.5 metres long, on a standard shipping service, the cloth is folded and packed flatly.
    For orders placed for oilcloth over 4.5 metres, the cloth is sent on a roll.
    We are happy to upgrade smaller orders to a rolled dispatch for an additional charge of £5.00. Please contact us if you wish to upgrade.
    If you have any questions about ordering our oilcloth, you can send us a message re our contact page or telephone us on 01653 697400. An actual person will answer the phone and we are always happy to advise on measuring your table and answering questions on our oilcloth.
    Alex x