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The rise and rise of the modern farmhouse look and how to get it...

The rise and rise of the modern farmhouse look and how to get it...

Shh, whisper it quietly but I'm not native Yorkshire, I blew in here twenty four years ago from just down the road Nottinghamshire, a comparative Southerner who's not allowed to eat Yorkshire puddings, Aunt Bessie clearly didn't get that memo...

The Modern Farmhouse Look

When I first moved here farmhouse style did pretty much epitomise Yorkshire, this corner of Yorkshire features the honey coloured stone similar to that of the Cotswolds and the architecture is rugged. Over the last ten years or so Yorkshire, like the rest of the country has embraced the trend for rural living, the country look has evolved to become something much more sophisticated- the modern farmhouse look is a look that can work in any setting, in other words it doesn't need a whacking great farmhouse. It was one of the most googled interior design styles last year and is in the top five trends on Pinterest. Modern farmhouse encompasses the classic rustic elements of rural living think exposed beams and wood burning stoves and combine them with a contemporary approach; a neutral palette, hanging pendant lights and over sized furniture. The relaxed ethos of this style makes it easily translatable, with its neutral colour palette and natural fabrics although elements of it resonate with the industrial look- exposed brick walls and chunky beams. The blend of rustic with modern creates a relaxed and comfortable space but one that isn't too precious where children and animals are concerned. How many us pour over the pages of House & Garden whilst quietly pondering how much effort it would require to maintain the look in the midst of children/wire haired terriers/husbands... delete/add as applicable....


How To Get The Modern Farmhouse Look...

Go With A Neutral Palette

Think light and airy when it comes to the colour palette, this look is the opposite to cottagecore which is all about bright florals and chintz. Calm and relaxed are the keynotes here. A warm white such as Farrow & Ball Schoolhouse white creates a blank canvas without being chilly and against which fabrics such as French ticking and kilim can be added

Exposed brick & white painted beams

Leave Walls & Beams Exposed

Exposing brick or stone walls will instantly add character, this doesn't have to be a wall, a fire surround constructed in brick or stone will add the desired look. Both exposed walls and timber add a slightly industrial look which is what gives this style its contemporary edge. A double height rafter style ceiling is not always attainable, our own split level kitchen once featured 1970's pub style black and white beams which I simply painted white, instantly creating both height and light to the space. 

Natural Light

Emphasise natural light

A natural open and airy feel is the aim, keep curtains minimal to maximise daylight. One clever design tip is to position mirrors close to windows to bounce the light. Create layers of lighting when planning additional light, a combination of table lamps and floor lamps is the easiest way to achieve this, positioned at different heights, the soft lamp light will create a cosy and warm feel come the evening.

Natural linens

Add Textiles

This look is all about being relaxed and comfortable, soft and durable linens work well for upholstery as does a classic French ticking. Think large soft low sofas with linen loose covers and then add lots of cushions and throws.

360mm Vintage Pendant Light

Factory Pendant Shades

Over sized pendant lights are made for the modern farmhouse look, a row of two or three over a work top or table not only adds a retro slant but it also creates a soft warm light that is so much pleasanter to sit or work under than a harsh spotlight. 

Mixing Old & New

Mixing Old & New Furniture

Using only modern pieces of furniture can result in an austere and corporate looking room. By adding some vintage pieces the look will be less contrived, local auctions are my favourite go to for these but I have also had some wonderful finds from local dealers. I tend not to mind a few scuffs and scratches, it makes for a more affordable piece and one that we're less inclined to be precious over.

Afghan Mashwani Kilim


Natural Fibres

Steer clear of anything shiny or glossy and head instead for natural materials such as  linen, cotton and wool fabrics. Stone and wooden floors look great but stone in particular can be cold underfoot. A rug not only adds warmth but can also add a splash of colour and be hard wearing. A Persian rug will be rich in colour while a kilim design will add a more modern look. Our Oban range of rugs are constructed from jute and leather strips and are ideal for putting down on stone flooring. 

Exmouth Rope Floor Lamp