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Why Nothing Beats Our Oil Cloth

Why Nothing Beats Our Oil Cloth

Back in 2011 I stumbled across what turned out to be our best find of all time; Our Linen Oilcloth. We had moved into our current home at the beginning of the year and our kitchen was still painted the most hideous shade of Aubergine imagineable, so the motive behind that first tentative order was simply to transform my kitchen until I could perform a miracle with a paint brush. And it worked, that first print was a red toile that strangely calmed the aubergine and created a grown up table at which our friends and family enjoyed dinner and one after another commented on the lovely oilcloth that didn't look like oilcloth?

Blue Harbour Stripe Oilcloth

And that is the raison d'etre of our oilcloth, it doesn't resemble traditional plastic shiny oilcloth, it is crisp grown up linen with hardly any sheen and it softly drapes over your table to create a grown up setting at which to enjoy lunch. But no matter how much red wine gets tipped over it, how much mashed carrot your weaning baby smears onto it or the tomato ketchup that misses the plate, it simply wipes off. What's more when it finally starts to look a little weary - and don't we all? Pop it in the machine wash on 40 degrees and it comes up like new.

Provence Bistro Rose Oilcloth

And it sews, yes, it sews, it makes brilliant Roman blinds that are so ideal for the kitchen or bathroom because you can wipe them. And the same goes for seat pads for kitchen chairs or bench cushions for boot rooms and outdoor cushions for your garden furniture.

But back in 2011, I didn't know this, I hadn't twigged just how brilliant and versatile this cloth is, but our lovely customers kept coming in to tell us and at that point we were literally cutting it on the shop floor. But then it started to sell online and we would send a piece to a remote corner of Wales and then within a couple of weeks we would receive more orders from the same remote corner of Wales...

Green Harbour Oilcloth

Ten years on we no longer cut orders on the floor, we have over twenty designs available, all muted shades of blues, greys, greens, pinks & reds against a plain linen backdrop that work so well with both modern and classic interior design. We have prints such as Cream Polka that are bright and cheerful and perfect for busy family kitchen tables where felt tip pens make an appearance. Or crisp plain Crompton linen that is a great back drop for white crockery and quite grown up. Our range of harbour stripes that were introduced with those first prints are still going strong.

Guinea Fowl Oilcloth

And what of my kitchen? I painted over the Aubergine and the black pub style beams! But the oilcloth is still a feature,Montpellier, is currently in situ, and with two small children it's had just about everything thrown at it. But after all isn't the kitchen table where life happens?

We offer a free sample service for our cloth simply fill out the Contact page !